Agent Wigglesworth Strikes Again in Part-2 of the Business Fit Framework Video Series

Agent Wigglesworth Tracks Down the Business Fit Framework

Agent Wigglesworth of MI6.21576 is in pursuit of Business Fit Framework intelligence. Watch this spoof video, episode 2 of a 3-part series, created by University of Chicago interns (1:46).  Watch the video.

Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey are Co-Founders of the Business Fit Framework® (BFF) business intelligence software tool. The BFF received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corp) STEM Grant, sponsored by the University of Chicago. The BFF is based on behavioral economic principles. It helps project teams to make better decisions, and to analyze the constraints and uncertainties associated with new products.

Making decisions in the absence of sufficient information is one of the biggest challenges in product development. For example, an organization may have a good understanding of the customer and competition, but relatively little understanding of the technology to use. Alternatively, the organization might see potential use for an existing technology, but not know very much about the market. Whenever there is uncertainty with a project, there’s the risk of making the wrong decision and costing the company—not just in money or time, but in lost opportunities.

The BFF helps project teams to analyze the constraints and uncertainties associated with new products. Instead of rushing into a product idea because it is a “great idea,” the project team is more likely to succeed if they use the BFF to guide its efforts to identify constraints and uncertainties, including how to address them, and track them through resolution.

This BFF video series was made possible with the assistance of University of Chicago interns. Erica Lin was instrumental in co-developing the scripts, filming and producing the videos. Alexander Dean (Marty Meyers), Jarvis Lam (Best Friend Forever/BFF) and Jack Vogel were actors within the video series. In addition, Christopher Parker, plays the role of Agent Wigglesworth.

Just in case you missed episode 1 of the Agent Wigglesworth video series.

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