Are the best product ideas internally or externally developed?

where do the best ideas come from

Client question: Do we get better product ideas from internal professionals, such as engineers, designers, marketers and product management, or from external sources? (Poetz and Schreier 2012) (1) , reviewed past academic literature and conducted a study to answer this very question. Arguments range from “A truly creative product idea is outside the scope of […]

Strategy 2 Market Receives a NSF STEM I-Corp Grant

Business Fit Framework

Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey are recipients of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corp) STEM Grant for their Business Fit Framework® (BFF) software tool. The program is held through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago. It helps to empower UChicago scientists, researchers, students and alumni to test […]

Get small to improve time to market

improve new product time to market

Small batches will help you improve time to market, read the difference between the traditional and non-traditional approach to product development below. Traditional approach to product development (Batches of major activities) In a traditional phased-and-gated system, each phase is a batch of activities that has to be completed in order to produce a set of […]

Exploratory Product Development: Adaptable Product Development in a Changing World

Exploratory Product Development: Adaptable Product Development in a Changing World The first publication in the book series Exploratory PD® is now available Exploratory Product Development: Executive Version is the introduction to this new product development methodology. It will be followed later this year by two volumes that provide more detail, plus supporting tools and techniques. […]