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Uncertainty and Risk in Product Development – Strategy 2 Market Presents NSF Findings from Interviewing 100 Innovative Leaders

Mary Drotar, Bosede Oyekunle and Kathy Morrissey

Society for Women Engineers (SWE) Annual Conference

At the Society for Women Engineers (SWE) Annual Conference, recipients of the NSF STEM I-Corp Grant through the University of Chicago, Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey, Co-Founders of Strategy 2 Market, presented research involving multiple industries, ranks and disciplines in mid and large-cap companies.

Drotar and Morrissey provided high-level findings of their NSF STEM I-Corp research. They presented the journey that led to the creation of the Business Fit Framework® business intelligence software tool.

Business Fit Framework

The Business Fit Framework works by enabling product teams to identify, evaluate and prioritize the most significant sources of uncertainty and risk associated with a product idea. It employs a variety of behavioral economics approaches to root out uncertainties and risks, including a risk framework, reference class forecasting, and nudges.

The Business Fit Framework monitors the reduction of product uncertainty and risk throughout the entire product development process, from idea through launch. Risk profile ‘snapshots’ easily communicate progress in reducing a product’s risk and allow risk evaluation of the entire product portfolio.

Strategy 2 Market Chosen from over 900 Proposals to Speak at the Society of Women’s Engineers (SWE) 2018 Annual Conference

It was a lively interactive discussion at the annual SWE conference, with valuable input from practicing engineers. Special thanks to our proctor, Bosede Oyekunle of Nigeria for monitoring the session.

To learn more about the Business Fit Framework, please read this white paper/case study.

The annual SWE conference was held in Minneapolis, MN on October 18-20, 2018 and is the world’s largest conference for women engineers. SWE was originally founded in 1950, as a not-for-profit educational and service organization in the United States. SWE now has over 37,000 members.

Strategy 2 Market

Strategy 2 Market is a product development consulting firm that helps companies increase growth and decrease product development complexity.

Request a Business Fit Framework demo at https://www.bfftool.com/get-started/ or call Mary Drotar at 708.829.7470.

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