What people are saying

Here is some feedback on the Business Fit Framework

“It was very thorough and made us think about many different things when entering the US market.”

VP of Engineering / Mid-cap industrial company

“It aligned our cross-functional team on what it would take to develop this new category!”

VP of Engineering / Large-cap industrial company

“A unified look at risks across different departments is an imperative part using this software.”

VP of Product Management / Automotive supplier.

“Academics discuss uncertainty and risk in product development, but they don’t do anything about it. The BFF offers the solution to this complex problem.”

VP of R&D / Fortune 500 medical device company

“This is particularly important for Corporate Incubators and integrating the downstream business.”

Corporate Incubator lead / Fortune 500 company

“We did not really consider many of these factors prior to the BFF session.  This session really opened our eyes to the risk and uncertainty we would take on with this new product idea.”

Director of R&D and Innovation / Industrial conglomerate